Our Company has been working with Bonnie for over 20 years.  She is very knowledgeable and has exceeded all our company’s financial needs.  Always very professional, her goal to advise and support her clients with their best interest her main focus.  Personally, as the Corporate accountant working closely often on a daily basis with Bonnie, she has taught and guided me while being patient and considerate. -Kathy Hackman, King entities

Exceeded all our Company’s Financial Needs

Bonnie has been an integral part of our Corporation’s business for well over 13 years. Bonnie is incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but also provides services with a casual and friendly demeanor, in such a way, that she not only is a valued asset as our accountant, but someone we consider a friend. -Sharon King, AKD

Incredibly Professional and Knowledgeable

Bonnie has been my good friend and accountant for the last 15 Years.   She is always available to help with issues and has done a great job on my complicated tax situations.  I’ve always felt confident that her understanding of tax laws and accounting are superior to other accountants I’ve worked with.   I highly recommend her! -Gaby Anderson, owner/manager

Always Available to Help

Bonnie has been my tax consultant and has prepared my income tax returns for over 30 years. Her preparation of my taxes has never failed to be anything except thorough and exacting. And there has never been a challenge by the IRS on anything. I whole-heartedly recommend her work to any and every one. - Gene Griffith, M.D.

Thorough and Exacting

Five Stars - Jesse Ahmann

Five Stars

An Accounting firm that's ran by a dog! Pawprints on the 1040's...Love It! - Bud Herzog

Pawprints on the 1040’s